X-Series Analyzers

X-Series design stands for fluidic ruggedization for better process control. Because that’s what really matters.
All X-series analyzers are best experienced in the field, online or at-line, and while perfectly suited for, should not be limited to a “sterile”, controlled environment. These advanced analytical products prioritize function over form. X-series means “built for in-situ installations”.

Take your lab to the sample concept – any analyzer from this range :

  • Can be installed close to any sample point, fits in whatever available/ tight spaces.

  • Has the ability to handle heat, cold, dust without the need of an air-conditioned room.

  • Has minimal installation and maintenance requirements.

  • Is rugged, safe and robust; built to last.

  • Has in-built sample preparation robotics with the ability to handle both coarse or powder material.

  • Is fast, accurate and more representative than any laboratory equipment

  • Designed for ultra-fast batch or continuous operation

  • Powered by ClassX software suite.

FLX ultra-fast XRD-based Free Lime Analyzer

Eliminate wet chemical methods or time consuming, complex and often inaccurate powder pellet analysis with the new X-Series FLX Free Lime Analyzer. With an in-built grinder and sample preparation robotics, the FLX is designed to deliver analysis of crushed or ground clinker for process control.

RMX Raw Meal continuous online Elemental Analyzer

RMX is an innovative continuous online raw meal analyzer that measures directly Ca, Si, Fe, Al, S and Mg. The RMX incorporates sample preparation robotics, EdXRF module with MD-optics for bias-free, more representative and accurate information that can be used with any raw mix proportioning software.

OFX Elemental Analyzer with Free Lime channel

Be in charge of your process with the combined power of XRD and XRF analysis. Exceptionally suited for clinker or cement quality control, the OFX combines an incorporated grinder with sample preparation robotics and measures directly Ca, Si, Al, Fe, S, Mg and separately reports FCaO.

CMXα advanced Mineralogical Analyzer for Mining

CMXα is the most advanced continuous online or at-line mineralogical analyzer developed for mineral processors or miners. Proprietary high sensitivity detectors, patented sample preparation robotics and an internal reference standard inside combined with flexible and rugged design makes this an extremely accurate, repeatable and robust process control tool.

CMXβ dual Elemental and Mineralogical Analyzer

CMXβ is our top-of-the range analyzer, employing dual XRD & XRF capabilities for unrivalled levels of accuracy and control. Developed for mineral processors or miners, the unit integrates an array of high sensitivity detectors, MD-Optics module, sample preparation robotics and an internal reference standard inside a strong and sturdy package making it the ultimate process control tool.

CMXγ advanced Mineralogical Analyzer for Cement

CMXϒ is our dedicated mineralogical analyzer for the cement industry, ideally suited to control cement setting time, gypsum feeders or maximize limestone, flyash or pozzolan additions. Proprietary high sensitivity detectors, patented sample preparation robotics and an internal reference standard combined with flexible and rugged design make this a cement quality assurance tool.

FLX+ Free Lime and C3S Analyzer

FLX+ Free Lime and C3S Analyzer Ultra-fast XRD-based Free Lime and C3S Analyzer for outstanding kiln control. With in-built clinker grinder and a powder chute, sample preparation robotics, Nova SxD detector [...]

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