Be in command of your process with the power of combined XRF and XRD analysis. The CMXβ is an ultra-fast dual elemental and mineralogical analyzer designed to maximize recovery, increase production and optimize environmental control for miners and mineral processors. Incorporating sample preparation robotics, an array of proprietary Nova SxD detectors as well as a state-of-the art EdXRF module with MD-optics, the CMXβ delivers unsurpassed levels of accuracy, repeatability and precision making it the total process control machine.

Industry Applications:

Continuous online or at-line dual XRD and EdXRF analysis for mining and mineral processing industries. Designed as a total quality and process control tool enabling processors to increase recovery, maximize production and optimize environmental control.

Product Details:

  • Powered by ClassX software
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 900 x 750mm (47 x 35 x 30 inches)
  • Weight: 180kg (400lb)
  • Electrical specifications: 120/220 VAC 50 or 60Hz, 1500W, 1 Phase
  • Optional ruggedization module for outdoor configuration
  • Optional DRX in line drier (*required for slurry applications)


  • Complete, real time mineralogical results of target minerals as well as complete elemental analysis
  • Patented sample delivery system
  • In-built, automatic precision sample preparation robotics
  • Large, highly representative sample size of 200g/min (1/3lb/min)
  • High resolution SSD & SDD detectors for accurate, ultra high speed XRD and XRF analysis
  • Designed for remote, unattended operation
  • Modular system allows for multiple batch analysis or at-line configuration
  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Complete material chemistry and composition analysis providing 20 complete mineralogical and elemental updates per hour
  • Results reported in real time as a moving trend
  • Enables continuous adjustment of feeders or reagents dosing systems
  • Increased reliability and up-time, with minimum MTBF
  • Powered by ClassX software suite with TCS ( Total Compensation System)
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