OFX Elemental Analyzer with dedicated Free Lime channel

Be in charge of your process with the power of combined XRF and XRD analysis. The OFX is an ultra-fast elemental analyzer with dedicated FCaO channel for kiln or cement blends control. Incorporating a clinker grinder and powder chute, sample preparation robotics, Nova SxD and SDD detectors, EdXRF module with MD-optics, the OFX delivers unparalleled levels of accuracy, repeatability and precision.

Industry Applications:

Combined XRD-based Free Lime and EdXRF elemental analysis for clinker or cement blends control.

Product Details:

  • Powered by ClassX software
  • Dimensions: 760 x 470 x 525mm (30 x 19 x 21 inches)
  • Weight: 80kg (175lb)
  • Electrical specifications: 120/220 VAC 50 or 60Hz, 750W, 1 Phase
  • Optional ruggedization module for outdoor configuration


    • Eliminates wet chemical methods, fused beads or pressed powder pellet preparation
    • Features inbuilt sample preparation robotics and XRD based free lime control
    • Proprietary NOVA SxD detector for highly accurate and repeatable FCaO results
    • Incorporates state-of-the-art EdXRF module, with MD-optics and SDD detector
    • Measurement of major elements (Ca, Fe, Si, Al, S, Mg) delivered in minutes
    • Large sample intake of 200g/min (1/2 pound per minute) of crushed or ground clinker for highly representative results
    • Continuous data trending minimizes chemical variability
    • Compact size fits easily within existing plant layouts
    • Designed for indoor benchtop use or outdoor online continuous operation
    • Ideal for any plant seeking improved kiln stability, increased refractory life and especially those using alternative fuels
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