Our Mission

We design and develop advanced continuous online or fast batch analytical instruments for process or environmental control.

We strive to deliver on our promise by creating products that are easy to integrate on any site or plant, safe, user-friendly and accessible to a large number of industries from minerals processing to mining.

With every analyzer or complete solution, our goal is to create value for our clients in five ways:

  • Process optimization and quality control

  • Environmental control

  • Minimize waste and rejects and improve recovery

  • Fuel and Energy savings

  • Reduce associated labor costs

About Us


X-Series process control analytical products. Fast batch, continuous online or at-line. For mining, minerals processing and cement industries.


X-Series analyzers

X-series design stands for fluidic ruggedization for better process control. Because that’s what really matters.

All X-series analyzers are best experienced in the field, online or at-line, and while perfectly suited for, should not be limited to a “sterile”, controlled environment. These advanced analytical products prioritize function over form.

X-series means “built for in-situ installations”.

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ClassX software suite

Intuitive. Easy to use. Based on Windows 10 platform, with a similar and intuitive layout. Includes advanced fundamental parameters software with smart GUI and local diagnostics as well as tailored views with multi-layer protection for data integrity and safe machine operation.

TCS: Total Compensation System (dual x-ray machines only) correlates and corrects both XRD and XRF outputs for unsurpassed levels of accuracy and repeatability
  • Accurate and precise through calibration against known reference materials.
  • Simple to use with virtually no operator training required
  • Fast, averages the whole sample prepared (150-200g)
  • Supports high sample throughput (automation, sample changers, automated data evaluation)
  • Direct combination between XRD and XRF analysis
  • Continuously collects data and creates historic logs
  • Easy system configuration
  • Comprehensive logging of all instrument events
  • Delivers absolute (from μg to g) and relative concentrations (wt-%)
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Research and Development

FCT ACTech is at the forefront of developing innovative equipment for process control for miners or mineral processors. Research and development is at our core.

Innovation and Discovery

Innovation is in our DNA. Our patented sample delivery system has evolved to include sample preparation robotics. From coarse to powder, analysis and results. All automated.

Analysis and Performance

All our instruments employ advanced XRD or EdXRF analysis. Powered by our proprietary NOVA SxD detectors. We don’t just settle for good enough. We aim for best available technology.

Reliability and Control

Our products are designed for 24/7/365 operation. In adverse conditions. On mine sites or processing plants worldwide. Data is continuously generated and sent to a control room or DCS

Trusted Partners

For more than 20 years we have developed and delivered complete end-to-end analytical solutions to some of the biggest mining, mineral processing and cement producers worldwide. These are some of our most trusted partners.









Predict The Future

World class analytical instruments for fast and accurate process control to help miners and minerals processing companies improve profitability and reduce their carbon footprint.

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